FS1R Stuff

All hail the amazing FS1R !

FS1R Controller

This is a small utility to control your FS1R in an easy way.
It has a special 2D pad to control 2 assignable parameters of your FS1R at the same time.
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This program lets you view, edit, convert and store FS1R formant sequences (FSeq).
Converts .wav files to sysex data that can be read into your FS1R.
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MP3 samples of FSeqs ...

These are formant sequences in FS1R sysex format (FSeq) that can be loaded directly into your FS1R:
FSeqs made with FSeqEdit ...
FS1R Preset FSeqs ...


Q:Is there going to be a Mac version of FSeqEdit?
A:Probably not.

Q:I get a midi errormessage right after launching FSeqEdit. What's up?
A:You'll get this error if the last used midi port is not present any longer. To fix, go to the folder where you've installed FSeqEdit, open FSeqEdit.ini and change the MIDI-in and MIDI-out port to 0. Next time you start FSeqEdit you won't be bothered, and you can select other Midi ports if you want. Maybe I'll fix this one day, but until then: you do some work :)

Q:Will there be updates for FSeqEdit?
A:The code of the original 2.x code got lost, so that product is now at a dead end.

However, some years ago I've started a complete rewrite (3.x). It has some new features (Vowel drawing, logarithmic/linear display switch, text-to-speech), but overall its usability is not yet comparable to that of the 2.x version. If you're interested to see the latest snapshot, or if you'd like to contribute, let me know.
FSeqEdit 3.1 FSeqEdit 3.1


Cakewalk StudioWare Panel that lets you control and automate some FS1R Specific Stuff from Cakewalk or Sonar.

Probably nobody uses StudioWare Panels anymore nowadays, but you can still grab it here.